Episode 321

We finally did it! We decided to take advantage of the real estate bubble and put our house on the market. Not knowing where we are going yet is so discombobulating and distracting. As an interior designer, I need to design my next home. I also need to know what to take as I pack […]

Episode 324 : Staging to Sell and Rethinking Modern Farmhouse

  I shared last week that we sold our house, and we sold for well over the asking price! As a designer, not only have I had amazing home stagers on the podcast but I also study staging a little bit. I dabble, but it is definitely a different skill set than designing. In The […]

Episode 323

April is upon us, and Spring is here at long last. We recently sold our house, and we’re all having mixed feelings about it. My husband and I are thrilled with the amount we got, but I’m feeling nervous because we don’t know where we’re going next. We’re giving up not just a house, but […]

Episode 322

This week I’m joined by a special guest, Courtney Clark. I love bringing you inspiring stories of people who made a major turn in their lives and decided to pursue their passions in interior design. Courtney is a recent graduate of The Academy and I’m so excited to have her on because I know her […]