Episode 334

This week I’m joined by special guest, Andy Ciccone, host of The Poor Prole’s Almanac podcast. He has lots of interesting ideas, and I’m so excited to have him share his knowledge and philosophy about land. This episode, we discuss… [1:48] Andy’s background and his podcast Andy hosts Poor Prole’s Almanac and Tomorrow Today. In […]

Episode 333

I’m officially engaged to the lovely house from Connecticut with 15 acres! The caveat is that we don’t have a date yet, so I don’t know when to break up with my current partner – or house, that is; even though we’ve sold the house, things are still up in the air for now. The […]

Our Design Team Gives You The (Easy & Affordable) Design Tips You Need Right Now

OUR DESIGN TEAM GIVES YOU THE (EASY & AFFORDABLE) DESIGN TIPS YOU NEED RIGHT NOW A lovely home should be a right not a privilege…Betsy Helmuth, Founder, Affordable Interior Design Hi there… If you’re looking for affordable, easy to implement design tips right from our designer’s mouths, this blog is for you! We know many […]

Episode 332

Thank you, everyone, for bearing with me as I am still getting over Covid after having it three weeks ago. This stuffy and congested feeling has me struggling as I’m not back to normal yet. The brain fog is so real. Others have had it worse, so I’m grateful for being able to taste and […]

Episode 331

If you have been following along on my house hunting journey, then you know what I mean when I say that I have a new online boyfriend and just had my first date. That’s a house, of course. It’s this beautiful yellow house with teal shutters and a cottage in the backyard in the Connecticut […]

Scrumptious Summer: Our Top 5 Outdoor Dining Sets

SCRUMPTIOUS SUMMER: OUR TOP 5 OUTDOOR DINING SETS It’s warming up and that means time to eat al fresco. If you’re looking for ideas for a dining table and chairs, we’ve got 5 of our fave outdoor dining sets below. There’s something for every outdoor space. Check ‘em out: #1: Lowe’s allen + roth Chesterbrook 6-piece Dining […]

Episode 330

As you know, the mailbag is running a bit low so as I wait for it to be refilled, I still wanted to make sure to get out an episode for you. This episode is going to be a bit of a design TMI. I am currently working on a handful of projects so I’m […]

Episode 329

You might be wondering why my episodes have been a little all over the place this month. That’s because of two reasons. One, after this episode, I am officially out of questions as the mailbag is now empty so make sure to go submit your burning questions over at affordableinteriordesign.com/podcast. The second reason that my […]

Scandinavian Design 101: A Look At Minimalist Beauty

SCANDINAVIAN DESIGN 101: A LOOK AT MINIMALIST BEAUTY If you gravitate toward uncluttered, functional spaces that incorporate greenery and pops of color, you’re probably a fan of Scandinavian design. According to Invaluable, “The signature elements that came to define the Nordic style—minimalist white walls, wood floors, and modern furniture—began to take shape in the 1950s […]

Episode 328

I’m still going through real estate options online, and it’s starting to remind me of online dating. As I scroll through pictures, I’m trying to imagine myself in this house. Is this my forever house? Maybe I get a big crush on the house, or I find deal breakers. I’m trying to enjoy the ride, […]