THE Overhaul

Our team transforms your space from idea to installation! 


Your House Call

Our expert comes to your home for 2-3 hours and:

  • creates the perfect layout for 1-4 rooms.
  • decides which furniture pieces to reuse/replace.
  • selects paint colors.
  • determines artwork placement and window treatments.
  • makes a list of all the specific furnishings needed for the design.

Your Shopping List & Mood Boards

Back at the office, your designer shops virtually for the pieces on your list. Your itemized shopping list is SUPER specific. 

It includes exact links to pieces from specific stores. All the furnishings will fit within your budget. 

Your designer also creates custom mood boards to help you visualize the transformation.


Your Phone Presentation

7-14 days after your house call, you will be on the phone with your designer and in front of your computer. During the call, your designer:

  • reveals your shopping list and custom mood boards.
  • sources optional items for select pieces.

Your Spreadsheet & Ordering

Once you have reviewed options and approved the entire shopping list, it's time to start ordering.

Your designer:

  • creates a spreadsheet of all items for your review. 
  • purchases all your pieces in one day so they arrive together.
  • passes our 5-30% trade discounts on to you--no mark-ups.

The Install

Once the pieces have arrived, your designer returns with our team of handymen for 1-4 days.  Together they:

  • unwrap, assemble, and set-up all furnishings.
  • add "Wow Factor": hang art, mount drapes, style surfaces.
  • prep your home for its big reveal...
Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 8.23.10 PM.png

The Reveal


Come home to your newly designed space.

From the day you meet your designer to the day the transformation is complete takes approximately 2-4 months.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 11.15.15 PM.png

*Does not include the cost of furnishings, painters, renovation work, TV mounting, arrangement of deliveries, or Ikea trips/assembly.



(2 rooms in a home or a studio apartment)


(3 rooms in a home or a 1-bedroom apartment)


(4 rooms in a home or a 2-bedroom apartment)





In compliance with state law, sales tax is charged on all services.