start your spree!

Below are the steps to get your Designer Discount Shopping Service underway.

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Pay For Your Plan

Purchase your Designer Discount Shopping Service via credit card or PayPal for $379.

Fill Out Our Shopping Form

Complete our online form with the items that you would like us to buy, and press submit!

(If you've worked with one of our designers and are ordering from the shopping list she created, feel free to cut and paste it into our form.)

Our concierge places orders every weekday and forwards the order/shipping confirmations to your email so you can track/schedule your deliveries.

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Notify Your Credit Card Company

Call your credit card company to let them know charges will be processing during the week. 

If you don't call them beforehand, they may stop the card due to the number of purchases which delays the process and often cancels the orders.




Rest Assured

Your items will start rolling in. If anything arrives damaged/not to your liking, let us know. 

Interior designers get VIP customer service, and we will work with our store reps to facilitate your return.